Strategic And Value Of Operations Management

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Introduction Brown, Bessant, and Lamming (2013) indicate that “Operations management is concerned with those activities that enable an organization to transform a range of basic inputs into outputs for the customer” (p. 4). Operations management is not about limited functions within a company, but rather, it is about expanding its activities in numerous other areas and sectors (e.g. company-wide) in order to meet the needs of the company, customers, shareholders and stakeholders. This case study will briefly explore the importance of managing activities in today’s modern operations, and why it is critical to understand the strategic and value of operations management. We will examine the British Petroleum (BP) oil spill that occurred out in the Gulf of Mexico in April of 2010. The oil spill not only stirred many controversies but also affected the relationship of two of BP’s business partners. Most importantly, the oil spill has affected our coastal ecosystem, marine life, and humanity. Analysis The BP oil spill is also referred to as the “Deepwater Horizon” or the “Macondo blowout” (Ocean Portal, 2012). The Bloomberg National Poll described the BP oil spill as a “freak accident”, urging the U.S. government not to shut down deep water drilling for those oil companies who adheres to proper safety guidelines and procedures (Brown et al., 2013). Those who are in opposition to deep water drilling criticized BP for improper procedures regarding safe operations and risk
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