Strategic Importance Of Latin America In Cold War And Beyond.

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Strategic Importance of Latin America in Cold War and Beyond Background and Introduction The 20th century appears to be most destructive and productive in the history. From revolutions to wars, from colonization’s to independent states, from industrial revolution to Information technology revelation. This century had a lot to offer for historians. This century started with the different revolutions in countries to over throw monarch system, including China, turkey, Russia, and in England which colonize most of Africa and Asia. Meanwhile America have its own revolution and independence calls in south and Central America. These worldwide revolutions were the outcome of consistent outcome of undermining the working class because after…show more content…
The Second World War which lasted several years, in this war although Latin and American countries were not involved in the war but it largely affect the economy and different countries involvement in the country, including United States, span and Russia. After the WWII over the world is divided and there were several new states appear on the map of the world, and the newly develop countries of that time were also in embryonic stage (Bonaffti). However on the other hand two super power emerged after the result of WWII, United States and USSR. Both have similar motives but opposite approach. Both countries wanted to add newly developed states into their group, to strengthen them on world forums, in this regard they give favors in terms of financial assistance and in the result intervene in their countries, whether its political or financial motives (Schulz) . The countries of Latin America after intense revolutions get their countries back from Spanish invaders in 19th and 20th centuries. During the cold war these countries still struggling with political military tug of power, in this regard the role of United States remain so crucial in cold War and after that, therefore this paper will analyze the role of Russia and USA in Latin American countries and also the strategic importance of Latin America for United States. Latin America during the Cold War Latin American countries are among the world’s most strategic countries

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