Essay on Strategic Management on Qantas Airway

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Qantas Airway

Strategic Management BUSM 3125
Group Assignment 2

Jonathon Reid
Hao Ming Lee – S3301727

Table of Content

Executive Summary 3
Background Information 4
SWOT Analysis 5
PESTEL Framework Analysis 6
Porter’s Five Forces Analysis 9
Qantas’ Strategic Capabilities 12
VRIN Model …show more content…

Overall, Qantas Airway is a strongly established airline company in the world; however it will need strategic planning in order to tackle potential threats.
Further analyses will be conducted for the internal (Porter’s Five Forces) and external (PESTEL model) factors affecting both Qantas Airway and the aviation industry.
PESTEL Analysis
Using the PESTEL framework, a macro-environment analysis will be conducted for the aviation industry within which Qantas operates.
In 1990, price and entry restrictions were eradicated due to deregulation of the Australian market. Since then, the Australian government has not directly interfered in the domestic market. However, there are still several political restrictions, such as the foreign ownership levels in Australian airlines.
As for the international

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