Strategic Marketing Plan for Ear-Manage Otoscope

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Abstract In this paper, we present a detailed marketing plan for an device, Ear-Manage Otoscope used for the detailed examination of the ear canal in order to help in the easy identification of a potentially dangerous situation plan document outlines the steps that would be used in the marketing the document as well as the marketing objectives. A conclusion is also provided on the need for adopting marketing mix strategies coupled with the implementation of a CRM system. Strategic Marketing Plan:Ear-Manage Otoscope Introduction Inner ear infections such as middle ear infections affects close to 7 million Americans annually (ICES,2010). A lot of efforts have been made by equipment manufacturers to develop more effective middle and inner ear diagnostic tools to no avail. Ear-Manage Otoscope is a perfect device for carrying out such a diagnosis. In this paper, we present a detailed strategic marketing plan to be used for marketing Ear-Manage Otoscope to family practitioners. Mission Statement At Ear-Manage Company we recognize the value of every person and are guided by our commitment to excellence in the patient care products that we provide. We care for each of our providers, their patients, and their families, from a holistic approach in order to care for their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Objectives Expand the patient population of the family practice, by 10%within the next 12 months. Instead of the physician taking a quick look in the

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