Strategic Measurement Of The Balanced Scorecard

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The balanced scorecard is a strategic measurement strategy used in business and government as a measurement tool. The balanced scorecard should reflect businesses plans and strategic goals. The balance scorecard “was originated by Drs. Robert Kaplan (Harvard Business School) and David Norton (n.n October 8th, 2015). Balanced scorecard is used by managers not only to measure performance but to align their goals and execute the visions and missions of any agency. The balanced scorecard include metrics in different perspective views, these include “The learning and growth perspective, the business process perspective, the customer perspective and the financial perspective”.

An independent consultant named Art Schneiderman created the first balanced scorecard in 1987 when working at Analog Devices a semi-conductor company. 1992, Kaplan and Norton further developed this concept and made it to gain widespread popularity as a tool to value performance and assist strategic planning and establish goals. General Electric and the American Military initially implemented this tool and today it finds extensive acceptance in most English-speaking western countries and all Spanish-speaking countries. In these places about half of the major companies and about the same percentage of all Fortune 1000 companies uses this tool (Lussier, 2006). The application extending to government, retail, health, military and non-profits.
Balanced scorecards by their very…
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