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The Concept of Market
The Strategic Objectives


The Concept of Market Position

Philip Kolter
Ries and Trout

The Strategic Objectives

Strategic Thrust
Strategic Objectives
 Hold
 Niche
 Harvest
 Divest

The Concept of Market
by Philip Kolter

Market Leader

Market Challenger

The firm has a relatively large share of the market, but a smaller share than the market leader.

Market Follower

The firm which has the largest share in the relevant product market.

The firm holds a market share smaller than the market leader or potential challenger; it prefers to follow rather than to attack.

Market Nicher

A smaller firm which targets segments …show more content…

and R. Singh (1981) Marketing Warfare in the 1980s, Journal of Business Strategy, Winter, 30-41.

Strategic Objectives:
Strategic Objectives - Hold

Position defense

Flanking defense

The company identifies its points of weakness and guards against attacks upon them by competitors.

Pre-emptive defense

The company continues to do what it is already doing but does it better.

The company launches an attack on a competitor before the competitor attacks it.

Counter-offensive defense

The company strikes back aggressively against any competitor’s attack.

Strategic Objectives:
Strategic Objectives - Hold

Mobile defense

The company increases it strength by entering new geographic territories and/or new market segments, and by diversifying into other businesses.

Strategic withdrawal

The company recognizes that it had a weakness which it cannot properly defend and deliberately chooses to move out of that product-market, using its resources in a more beneficial way.

Strategic Objectives:
Strategic Objectives - Niche

Niche Objectives
A company may decide to pursue a a small market segment or even a segment within a segment in order to avoid competition with

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