Strategic Pl The Canadian Chicken Industry

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Like all other industries, strategic plans are essential in order to succeed. Without a strategic production, marketing, and financial plan companies and industries will not efficiently function and many problems are sure to arise. A strategic business plan are informal or formal techniques used by companies to better advance their products and marketing ideas, ultimately being successful and making lots of money. In many cases a formal strategic plan can help execute financial goals, sell more products, and produce excellent advertising methods.. The Poultry industries techniques are very informal, although very effective. The main factor being food is essential to human beings, more specifically protein rich foods. The demand for protein…show more content…
Another vital strategic plan stated in the report is to generate a positive view with Canadian-grown chicken in the eyes of the consumers. The actions that must be taken to execute the plan include; creating a positive brand for fresh chicken at all nationwide stores, and then eventually spreading the branding further past stores. The next strategy states “Using the platform of supply management, drive efficiency and competitiveness up and down the value chain.” One of their initiatives state supporting the Canadian Poultry Research council to decrease the cost of production, ultimately making more money. In terms of system management the industry has 4 strategies. The first strategy being to obtain flexibility of the system. This would include signing contacts with other industries that aid in the growth and expansion of Canadian grown chicken, and revising the allocation system. The following strategy is to improve the allocation systems by confirming that CFC Directors and stakeholders are given the right information to make decisions, and concentrating on a set of numbers throughout the whole industry. The third strategy being “Re-establish the integrity of the import control pillar of supply management for chicken.” To execute this strategy the company has decided to attempt to form trade agreements with governments, new efficient methods of import control must be present

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