Strategic Planning : Strategic Plan

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Strategic Planning Strategic plans result from a great amount of energy, time and focused discussion with the intention of the organizations successful delivery of the plan to their shareholders, customers and employees. Success may not only be defined by fiscal measurements of success and may include both short, mid and long-term strategies including; increasing market share, expanding product or service offerings, investment in the organization or having higher customer satisfaction scores than their competitors. Often, strategic plans are financial or cost cutting iterations rather than living breathing documents that answer the questions 1) where are we now, 2) where are we going, 3) how do we get there and 4) how did we do? Thus, …show more content…

Additionally, be prepared to quickly access additional data points that might be discussed during the discussion with the team. This will allow for creative data comparisons that might lead to a solution not expected from the strategy session. 3. Develop the Vision, Mission, Goals and Guiding Principles – that will tie the purpose and tasks of the organization to the strategic plan. The vision is the defined character of the organization expected while delivering the mission and goals of the organization. The mission is the purpose of the organization and is the comparative to the strategic plan for alignment. The mission when compared to the strategic plan asks are we doing what we said we will do? Next are defining goals, which are the tactical, measurable and time bound tasks and projects for the team. Finally, the guiding principles provide the parameters that are acceptable and not acceptable to achieve the mission, vision and goals. Each piece of this step helps to define and align the culture and environment of the organization to the strategic plan by giving boundaries defining who we are, what we are doing, how we are doing and how we will act when doing it. 4. Cost Control Assessment – is always something the team should assess, making a list of potential opportunities to control cost as a means of being proactive in planning. This does not mean that these projects will

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