Strategic Strategy And Strategic Marketing Strategy: Starbucks

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2.0 Starbucks Strategic Move
Starbucks has a strong market position and brand awareness, affecting the organization in the expansion of the importance of the general market, an increase of residential and external business sector development.
Strategy is a balanced problem, sometimes difficult (Allard, 2004). Ultimately, the strategy is about making a choice, the company will succeed if chose a unique strategic location which is different from the position of each competitor (Markides, 2000). One of the key ways Starbucks has pursued since its inception is the separation of items, separate items such as premium items, regional, espresso drinks, notorious and noteworthy customer interests, becoming a highly valued counterparty high.
The step beyond loyalty involves companies taking positive steps to encourage customers to make new purchases (Cavallone, 2017). Thus, by systematically opening the organizational boundaries, the open innovation is a combination of internal thinking and other companies' market innovation and path (Fasnacht, 2009). Starbucks’ strategic marketing strategy will be further used for complementary tools such as Ansoff and BCG Matrix for analysis.

2.1 Ansoff Matrix

The organization's ability to determine the most appropriate future strategy can lead to an assessment of the options available to …show more content…

Starbucks can launch a strategic business unit specializing in tea. The introduction of tea will belong to the "question mark" category, the market share is low, but the business growth rate is higher. If introduce more tea products, this product may even turn to the "star" class, then add "cash cow". While the BCG matrix allows us to understand the location of a product or service, it has faced some criticism, such as the fact that it is not always possible to determine whether the industry is

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