Strategies of Goals Soccer Centres

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Goals Soccer Centres the main activities are established operator of 5-a-side soccer centres in United Kingdom. The company operates 43 centres and established a good web sites pipeline to continue its mature deployment concept. The company has focus on a strategy more than operational on the business. In 2013, the company has three strategies to create substantial sustainable value for shareholders. (Goals annual report 2012, p.4)
I. A strong focus on reduce the debt
II. To create a strong brand consistently providing a great customer experience
III. Improve returns on a centre by centre basis through the pursuit of operational excellence
b. On this market of listing, the company must comply with the following criteria. As point out by TalyorWessing, the Company must be a listed company to be able to offer its shares to the public and the published accounts must accord to International Accounting Standards. To be obtain the securities to trading must be freely transfer, enable investors to pay conform obtain electronic settlement and receive their securities through a paperless settlement system known as CREST in the UK.
Since the AIM of London exchange is suitable for the smaller company, but Goals is not a smaller company. It has operating 43 centres, so that Goals is not listed on in the most suitable market.
c. Placing is the listed company to select a specific company or person and then to sell shares with them.
The advantages of issued new shares are need…
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