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Strategy Development at Castle Press
Andy Bailey and Julie Verity

The two cases, New Town Council and Castle Press, illustrate the process of strategy development within different organisational contexts. Both cases are based on the views of the strategy development process as seen by members of the respective top management teams. The Castle Press case describes how five members of the top management team view the process. Both cases are con­ structed around two general themes. The process of strategy development and the organisational context in which it takes place.
The two cases illustrate differences in the strategy development process, demonstrating that the pro­ cess of managing strategy development in one organisation …show more content…

Only two years before, however, the team was much bigger:

Two years ago, inherited a TMT of twelve people. It was impossible to discuss strategy with that number of people. Six months later, three key people and myself 'retreated' for a few days and thought about what we needed rather than what we had. The outcome was implemented about eighteen months ago. We now have a TMT of six people and the focus of our meetings is higher level discussions and strategic planning.

As a group, the TMT thought that they were compatible and rarely in conflict with each other. The col­ lective criticism of team meetings was the danger that discussions gravitated towards the operational rather than the strategic, since this was the one time that team members found themselves together in one place at one time. The finance director (only two years with Castle Press) noted that he could bring a different contribution to the team's discussion:

I think we were very internally focused. It is easier when you come from outside the organisation and from this position I can be constructive. I'm the only person on the Team who hasn't been with Castle Press for the past twenty years, so I do have some useful external benchmarks. FINANCE DIRECTOR


Planning had a long history at Castle Press and was an

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