Stratford Verdi Case Study

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Palazzo Verdi In 2008, the John Madden Company completed construction on Palazzo Verdi, the building where the Madden Museum dwells. Beverly Pax, an architect working at Fentress Architects, helped design Palazzo Verdi. It is the largest pre-cast building in region with fifteen stories taking up 320,000 square feet. Palazzo Verdi is LEED Gold certified with thirty-six points out of sixty-two on the LEED scorecard. The scorecard lists different criteria, “stainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, material and resources, indoor environmental quality, and innovation, as key points of being LEED certified.” This building features many sustainable design features including “drought-tolerant plant materials…combined with a grey water irrigation system that uses partially treated water.”
The lobby of Palazzo Verdi stands out with three large-scale artworks from three Colorado based artists. Lonnie Hanzon, Todd Siler, and Roger Leitner worked together to create a colorful, whimsical entrance and introduction into Palazzo Verdi. …show more content…

The chandelier hangs in the middle of light fixtures able to project up to two hundred color combinations, transforming the space to fit specific events and moods. Lonnie Hanzon created installations in Denver and all over the world, including the largest Christmas display in Hong Kong in 1994. He also created the “Evolution of the Ball” sculpture at The Coors Field baseball stadium and major installations at Red Rocks Community College, the Kenneth King Performing Arts Center, and Marjorie

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