Strengths And My Struggle

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“Power was my weakness and my temptation.”
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

In order to get to the top, one must find a way to eliminate his weaknesses and to show his strength. Getting to the top, or getting power and influence is tempting to all of us, especially those located in a lower class of society. Laarmans, the main character of Willem Elsschot’s novel Cheese, is a clerk in the 1930’s, which are tortured by the Great Depression in Flanders. Eliza Doolittle, the main character of Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, finds herself in an even more unfortunate position in the 1910’s in London. As a woman, she has very limited rights and is further limited because she makes her living on the streets. Both characters live in a time of struggle, so when both characters are offered a chance to start a new life in a higher class, their weaknesses and naivety ultimately get the best of them. …show more content…

For Laarmans this is a job offer as a cheese retailer. Eliza can get taught how to speak and behave like a lady, and this will grant her access to owning a flower shop, which is her dream. Both main characters dream of becoming a better person and dream of the power of entering a higher class. With power comes respect, and in these cases money. This is relevant considering Cheese is set in the Great Depression, and Eliza is struggling with extreme poverty. The lust for power is the first weakness the authors portray in their characters. The characters can’t accept their lives as a clerk and a flower girl, which is damaging for them for the reason that they are not able to move on before accepting their past. The lust for power or a higher status comes at the cost of their personality, which causes other weaknesses

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