Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Personal Study Plan

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This presentation will discuss key factors that impact planning personal study, such as strengths and weaknesses. Also, this presentation will include how to access and locate resources in the Learning Centre. Work commitments can make it difficult to put an effective personal study plan in place this is because I work as an Auxiliary Nurse and I am required to work shifts. I have no standard shift pattern and what I have to work varies on a weekly basis, this means that can cannot allocate certain days or time for personal study as I may be working or travelling. Attendance may also have an impact on my ability to study this is because at my work place there is no flexible working policy available. As well as this my ward manager is unsupportive in allowing time off for attending the college based study or changing shifts where needed. One factors that may have a negative effect on implementing an effective study plan is finding time to seeing my family, friends and boyfriend. I usually help look after my younger brother who has Asperger's once a week, so that my mam can get her planning for work and shopping done more easily. I have chronic pain issues with my back and neck this can make it difficult to concentrate due to high dosage painkillers also, this means that I am unable to sit and study for long periods of time without increased pain. This might affect my ability to study as I need to take regular breaks and can interrupt my 'flow' when writing

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