Strengths And Weaknesses Of Gang Involvement

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Strengths for Change Gang involvement is on the rise in most communities affecting socioeconomic status, racial relationships, and inhabitants (Esbensen et. al., 2012, p. 128). Despite a continuous increase with youth gang affiliations in underserved communities, there is still a scarcity of promising or effectual gang prevention and intervention programs offered by schools. Facing time and resource constraints school administrators need to consider the “cost and benefits” of each possible intervention plan (Esbensen et. al., 2012, p. 142). Consequential to low intervention program, risk factors such as communal disorganization, poverty, low educational success, acquaintance with aberrant peers, and little to no parental attachment will continue to make a path toward gang affiliation and criminal actions. Observations have confirmed that gang involvement correlates with increased law violating behaviors alongside victimization, vastly decreasing the possibility of graduating. Without having met the average educational expectations may result in severe consequences throughout an individual’s life. It is for this reason that workshops, rather than programs, that are relatively low to maintain and very beneficial need to be formulated and implemented in schools. Great benefits, both economical and noneconomic, result from graduating high school and yet many gang affiliated students don’t seem to worry as much about graduation and have little knowledge about the

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