Strengths And Weaknesses Of Kpo Industry

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3. Objective
The paper tries to identify various opportunities and issues emerging in the KPO industry and also throws some light on its strengths and weaknesses. The objectives of this paper are:
1. To conduct a SWOT analysis on Knowledge Process Outsourcing industry.
2. To suggest some of strategies for its growth 4. Methodology
This study has been conducted on the collection of secondary data. An intensive desk research has been taken to collect all the published data available from the various organisations. Previous research work and published books has been considered for data collection.
The study places greater emphasis on qualitative rather than quantitative observations. To study the opportunities and future of KPO sector, a trend analysis method has been adopted. A SWOT analysis has been conducted on the KPO sector for this research. 5. Definition KPO
While defining the Knowledge Process Outsourcing, it is worth to know and think about the same as (BPO), however at a higher position in the intellectual value chain. The old Business Process Outsourcing firms which are used to deliver basic backend or customer care support are shifting up this value chain. Offshoring of knowledge concentrated or …show more content…

It involves specifying the objectives of the business venture or project, and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieve those objectives. A SWOT analysis helps elucidate strategic advantages. Strengths are attributes of the person or company helpful in achieving the objective(s), while weaknesses are attributes of a person or company, harmful in achieving the objective(s). Opportunities are the external conditions, helpful in achieving the objective(s) and threats are external conditions which could do damage in the

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