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* Strenghts High R&D (Company's even ventured into robotics) Innovation Market share leadership in smart segment Strong brand equity Unique products Production System that is refined over the years * Weaknesses High cost structure compared to China They depend greatly on profits coming in internationally, thus subject to global economies' performance * Opportunities Due to increased interest from consumers into more fuel efficient and lower pollution cars, honda can use it's strength in high R&D to develop these kind of cars to suit consumers needs. Emerging markets and expansion abroad China being a neighbor to Japan and has cost innovation advantages to be exploited in its global…show more content…
* Industry leader in manufacturing and production. Maximizes profit through efficient lean manufacturing approaches (e.g. Total Quality Management) and JIT (Just in Time) manufacturing and first mover in car research and development[2]. * Excellent penetration in key markets (US, China, EMEA) and now the second largest car manufacturer in the world, surpassing Ford. Weakness * Japanese car manufacturer - seen as a foreign importer. * Production capacity. Toyota produces most of its cars in US and Japan whereas competitors may be more strategically located worldwide to take advantage of global efficiency gains. * Some criticism has been made due to large-scale re-call made in 2005, quality issues. Opportunities * Innovation -first to develop commercial mass-produced hybrid gas-electric vehicles (gas and electric), e.g. Prius model. Based on advanced technologies and R&D activity. With oil prices at an all time high - this investment and widening of product portfolio fits consumers looking to alternative sources of fuels away from gas guzzling cars * To expand more aggressively into new segments of the market. The launch of Aygo model by Toyota is intended to take market share in youth market. * To produce cars which are more fuel efficient, have greater performance and less impact on the environment. * To develop new cars which respond to social and institutional needs and wants. The

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