D1 Unit 1 Level 3

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D1: Evaluate the effectiveness of the use of techniques used in marketing products in one organisation. In every business there are several different ways they can become successful for example: they can produce aims and objectives which helps them to plan for what they want to accomplish in the future. This will mean that they’ll know in which areas they need to grow and in which direction they want to move, and furthermore it will help them achieve their target goal. Toyota is doing just this, creating aims and objectives and through these they have achieved the top place in the market becoming market leaders, being far ahead of their competition. Since their start Toyota have created a name for themselves, a name of offering the…show more content…
Toyota then try and find an email address or something similar and message the person privately, this gives the customers a decision to make to choose between either Toyota or one of their rivals, and since Toyota has messaged them privately, their rival companies will lose out because of the amazing reductions that they propose. This has helped Toyota achieve their objective of growth, since they are extending out to people and enticing them to pick Toyota and also has helped to show how successful their marketing technique is. However Toyota also has cons, for example a con with their marketing techniques: not all of the information they provide customers with is 100% true. Toyota have a certain amount of merchandise which they need to sell to consumers, and if they do not manage to, then they lower the price and discount it in order to entice customers. However, when it is put into perspective that they have even cheaper cars, there are still others that are much cheaper, with similar specification. E.g. Ford have brought out a new innovative car with clever modern technology, and is more economical than a Toyota discounted car. In addition Toyota also had to reduce the price of their cars recently as customers were refusing to but their products for the full price. For example, they had to discount £500 off of a car, if bought within a certain amount of time. This shows that some of their

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