Strengths Here at Admatch there has been very little turnover among employees. There are a total of

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Strengths Here at Admatch there has been very little turnover among employees. There are a total of 12 employees that work here in total, and out of that total 7 are full time employees, and 4 are part time. Out of the 7 full time employees 4 of them have worked for Admatch for at least 18 years. I have worked here at Admatch for a total of 8 years this part November of 2013. We here at Admatch have all the knowledge we need to know about all of the products that we sell. This is great because when our customers need to call us for a question they need answered they can usually ask for who they would like to speak with or they can talk to someone else they have spoken to a few times. Most of our customers have a favorite person they like…show more content…
He has a very persuasive personality, so this type of situation comes very easy to him. One of Admatch greatest attributes is the great quality of their products. When customers are looking for products to purchase it is important that quality is up to par because you want the repeat business of that customer whether they are ordering that same products or another product on our product line. Meeting our customer’s expectation or exceeding their expectations improves Admatch’s reputation. Customers who are happy with our products continuously talk to other customers and have recommended them to other customers. They also leave reviews about our company on one of promotional products major search engines. When we receive an alert about the quality of our products the majority of the time we receive 5 stars. The way technology works today, printing capabilities are pretty easy to handle. Our customers are truly amazed at how their jobs come out sometimes. Something they thought was going to be so difficult to produce ended up being more than what was expected. This is especially true for our 4-color process jobs. We can print 4-color process on all of our matchbooks and matchboxes, some of our napkins, pulp board coasters, and a few other products. We know have looks or request for printing 4 color process on the napkin and paper cup products that Admatch prints. We now offer a print method called flexographic
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