Stress Effects and Management Proposal Essay

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Stress Effects and Management Proposal Debbie Cooper SCI/100 May 28, 2012 Stress Effects and Management Proposal How each individual chooses to relieve their level of stress is a purely personal matter. Stress is reported to cost employers production and money. Certain levels of stress are beneficial to society and individuals, this allows for positive growth; although long term exposure to stress can cause ill-effects to one’s well-being. Work place stress, otherwise known as occupational stress is said by the United Nations’ International Labor Organization to be a global occurrence. It is estimated that occupational stress causes US employers a loss of up to $200 billion a year. This includes low productivity, workers’…show more content…
Proposal The following is an outline for the proposal the researcher designed for implementation at work. A Stress Management Proposal Name of the technique: Yoga/Meditation Description of the technique: Perform regular yoga exercises to encourage peace and time to meditate. Summary or analysis of personal experience: Yoga exercising and meditating for 20-30 minutes each day allowed to me to lose my thoughts in everything else and focus on the work I was doing. This made it possible to let go of a lot of stress. Time needed during each session and frequency of sessions per week: The time needed is 20-30 minutes minimum per session to feel the full effects and at least 3 sessions per week to have constant positive effects. Equipment and space needed: Clothing that is needed will be yoga clothing or something comfortable to stretch and relax in. Space that is needed would be any place that is free of clutter and noise. Equipment that is needed for yoga exercising is a comfortable yoga mat. Estimated costs Yoga is an activity that can be done for free or at a minimal cost. Spending money on going to a yoga studio can be done if one does not know the formality of yoga. The typical cost of a month of yoga ranges from &35.00 - $100.00 depending on level of difficulty and time needed to spend in the studio. Meditation is something that can be done free of charge and can
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