Stress On The Mind And Body Essay

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Stress On The Mind and Body
Andrew L. Painter
Polk State College Stress on the mind and body
Stress can have life changing affects to some people will others barely notice it in their day to day life. Stress can be brought on by multiple things such as a paper or test due, or even a situation you were in before. Everybody deals with stress one way or another, big or small you have to find a way to overcome the stress. There are also many different kinds of stress that range from acute stress to chronic stress. I will explain more in depth about the different types later in the paper. There are also different levels of stress that can be determined by medical professional. Depending of what is stressing you out or making you fill stressed, there are methods to lower your stress levels and maintain a good lifestyle. Stress can cause you to act unlike yourself and make you do things you would normally not do. Many decisions must be made under stress. Choosing the correct answers on an exam or doing the right thing in an emergency are prominent examples. These examples also indicate that many decision situations are stress eliciting in and of themselves. Thus, if stress alters decision-making abilities, then difficult decision situations are prone to stress-induced changes. (Kälvemark, Höglund, Hansson, Westerholm, & Arnetz, 2004). It is almost like stress never ends, go to bed and wake up and have new things and decisions to worry about every day. How you overcome your

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