Structural Empowerment Case Study

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Structural Empowerment- Nursing education opportunities are provided for those interested in a nursing career. My current clinical site does a great job at allowing nurses to explore other options to expand their nursing career. An example of this is a nurse on the unit went on to become a lactation consultant just so she could improve patient care within the unit. “It is the responsibility of nursing professionals to grow professionally and to help the profession grow” (Tinkham, 2013, p. 579). Just like the nurse I described others on the unit have also chosen to continue their education and Providence stands by their nurses that decide to do so, which I believe is fantastic.

The healthcare organization supports nurses’ participation in local, regional, national, or international professional organizations. Providence does a lot of programs centering around its home of Wyandotte County. For example, the hospital has free smoking cessation classes that open to the public and there are birthing classes offered as well. I know the hospital also participates in blood drives and providing flu shots during the height of flu season.

Improvements that could be made regarding structural empowerment within my clinical site is allowing nurses to be more involved in interprofessional …show more content…

The nurses on the labor and delivery unit at Providence do a phenomenal job at delivering patient-centered care. After a patient gives birth the nurses and staff do everything they can to help the new mother prepare to be discharged and take their bundle of joy home. With motherhood comes a lot of responsibility and expenses, so the nurses also provide information on outside resources for all the mothers, which I believe really makes a difference. The staff at Providence really want the best for their patients and it is seen when they deliver care to every

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