Structuring the Learning Activity to Meet the Learners' Needs

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Structure the learning activity to meet your learners' needs Within the oil industry many individuals are unfamiliar with underlying business operations of the firm. Within the oil industry complications constantly arise due to the peculiar nature of the industry. Our training activity was designed to help develop critical thinking skills in all participants involved. The learning is also structured in a way to be dynamic and interactive. There is great emphasis placed on social and communication skills through the collaboration and exchange of ideas. This will undoubted be needed in the oil industry as communication is a necessity. To accomplish this, we group all participants in collaborative groups of 5 by counting off each member. We then arrange materials through graphical representation, numerically descriptions of each step, individual writing about the collective experience of the group. The activity provided hypothetical situation involving engineering, company ethics, management and critical thinking skills. Each group was provided a situation in which to evaluate. They then presented their findings in front of the group who then offered their own perspective for solving the situation. As facilitators, when then offered the company's perspective on how to solve many of the issues that was presented. The learning goals for this particular activity are broad in scope. They are structured to be engaging and relevant to the oil industry. Below are the sample topics
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