Student Feedback Is Important For Students And Academic Achievement Essay

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College students submit a lot of writing to instructors who receive a lot of writing to be graded. In many instances, students are submitting multiple drafts of papers which need thoughtful and constructive feedback or commentary about student performance from instructors in order to improve and ultimately result in a better final draft. Certainly, instructors have a weighty task in front of them, to grade papers in a way that is received by students so they may strengthen their work. Look no further than Rate My Professor comment pages to know that students value quality feedback. Instructors are challenged to pursue what must be viewed and quality feedback but also feedback that is well received by students. A common goal, hopefully not detested by many instructors, is to improve the learning experience for the student. Feedback is a crucial factor in improving student’s learning experience and students have shown that feedback that uses a combination of strategies can even improve the relationship between a student and a teacher (Crimmins et al., 2014). Student feedback is important to students and impacts academic achievement. Feedback is not only valued by the teacher to help assess grades, but students report liking receiving feedback. Students feel that the learning experience is enhanced by feedback that is motivating and related to future successful writing performance (Marrs, 2016; Zumbrunn, Marrs, & Mewborn, 2016).Further, positive feedback has been linked to

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