Student Perceptions Of Cheating At Online

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Student Perceptions of Cheating in Online CoursesYour Name:Class Name:University Name:Instructor Name:Student Perceptions of Cheating in Online CoursesAcademic integrity has long been a core concern of faculty as well as administrators operating in campuses. Recent statistics done on the extent of cheating that occurs in college campuses shows that the large majority of students have engaged in this vice to some extent. The core difference in today’s environment is the wide proliferation of technological devices that are used for both delivering as well as accessing information on university courses. Educators are fast becoming concerned on the impact that technology has on the numerous forms of academic dishonesty. Indeed a number of sources have argued that the internet is fast becoming a major culprit for the increasing instances of academic dishonesty. This paper therefore strives to examine what is the prevalence of cheating in online courses looking at it from the college student’s perspective.The number of students who a-re actively participating in college level online courses has far outpaced other forms of distance learning. Online courses are becoming a critical part of many campuses long term strategy as evidenced by the fact that colleges have seen a distinct increase in the levels of online enrolment. The growth in learning opportunities online has increased on the concerns concerning cheating in online courses (Cluskey et al, 2011). Numerous studies have
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