Student Reflection On Learning Goals

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1. Give students time to reflect and think about how their learning impacts the rest of their life. Giving students time to reflect on learning helps them bring real-world meaning and value to their school day. It allows them identify what is personally meaningful to them and leads them toward understanding how they can use their new knowledge. Student reflection on learning also helps students to create connections to the knowledge they already have, facilitating a deep understanding of a content knowledge and raising the likelihood that students can retain and make use what they have learned. Teachers provide reflection and connection opportunities in multiple ways. Engaging, high yield Strategies such as think pair…show more content…
This seems to have given students two messages. First that I notice and care about their feelings/well being. Secondly, that I want them to take care of themselves and be healthy. In fact, I have noticed that when I have repeatedly given certain students the suggestion to take a work break they seem to become aware of themselves and start coming to me when they sense that they need a quick snack or stretch break. I think implementing this has also helped me too because I also have tried to practice what I preach and have my water bottle and snack around too! I hope that students see that I really believe good nutrition and ultimately I hope that these healthy habits have an effect on the way that they take care of themselves at home too. I have only had a negative response from one student. I invited him to take a break for a minute because he sort of seemed like he was getting annoyed with his assignment, I could also see that he was only halfway finished. He answered me back with a grumpy, “I don’t need a break!” I sort of wasn’t surprised because this student hasn’t connected with me very well this semester. I was careful not to take it personally and just said, “Ok, let me know if you need anything.” I wonder if he felt that I was patronizing him, or babying him, when his perception was that he had something important he needed to do. I guess not
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