Student Welfare Mentors And Social Reps

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PPD My nerves have calmed a lot since settling into LCF. Coming from a small village with a textiles class of just me, I worried I would lack the knowledge for such a renowned course. This itself has been motivational for me wanting to succeed, to prove to my teachers that I can do well, as my school was very academically orientated, meaning, being a creative student was often frowned upon, teachers thought me less smart, or I needn’t work as hard, something I have always been determined to prove wrong. To help settle in, I went to welcome events held at university and in my halls to make new like-minded friends. Student welfare mentors and social reps were a huge help in settling in as they were very welcoming and helpful. I spoke to them one to one and gained helpful advice for the course. This really helped me as I now have a good support network around me and feel settled within the university, meaning I am producing better work, as I am comfortable where I am. I feel a strength is my pattern cutting ability and 3D work, though I am excited to improve this technically as everything I know is self-taught, so I am enjoying learning more technical methods. I have always loved being able to start from scratch and finish with the end product. Through speaking with my 3D tutor, he has helped me to improve and learn new skills such as the slash and spread method to manipulate darts into my work. This has really helped me with silhouettes and creating a much better fit so I

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