Student 's Worthiness For Receive Financial Aid From A University

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When evaluating a student’s worthiness to receive financial aid from a university, it makes sense that personal accomplishments, experiences and life circumstances are taken into consideration. Being a first year student, I think it is important to differentiate myself from other students applying for aid. In the following personal statement I will attempt to convince you that I have maximized my freshman year and continue to excel in the next coming years. The first way I can differentiate myself from my peers originates from my education during high school. Depending on the transcripts submitted with this statement, I believe it is important to note my post-secondary success. Most of my higher education can be attributed to the Columbus State courses taken during my sophomore, junior, and senior year of high school. My motivation for starting higher education early derives from my decision to study Computer Science early in my childhood. I choose Computer Science because I wanted to learn how computers can increase of productivity. Although I am still in my first year out of High School, the courses I took at Columbus State Community College and The Ohio State University have taught me how to modify computer and program them to benefit their user. I personally define computers as tools that can compute data more efficiently than human processing. By thinking this way and studying how to communicate with them over programming languages, I started exercising my classroom
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