Students And Social Anxiety Students

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Defined student groups and their parents are - 1. LD Students 2. Social Anxiety Kids 3. Kids wanting out of the “pressure cooker” of other private schools 4. Students of color 4) Do you feel the Road Map …show more content…

We embrace differences so students can meet their full potential and expand their dreams for success, both at Orinda Academy and beyond.

Visit Orinda Academy (tour or open house) – The best way to see if OA is right for you is to come visit. Meet Janet, our Admissions Director for an introductory tour or join us on an Open House night click here to contact Janet. See the open house dates
Schedule a Shadow Visit (available October-February) – Spend a morning with an Orinda Academy student – go to class and hang out just like you would when you’re enrolled. Experience the difference small classes and a safe, welcoming school culture makes.
Complete Student Interview – We can usually interview you during your shadow visit. You’ll sit down with Janet, Admissions Director, or Ron, Head of School, for a 20-minute chat. It’s the best way we can get to know you and help you envision yourself at Orinda Academy.
Complete Application Forms – View the full checklist here. Click to download forms.
Complete Financial Statements (SSS) – For families seeking financial aid, please complete the Parent Financial Statement by following this link. Orinda Academy’s school code number is #5379. Both parents (regardless of marital status) must submit information and 1040 tax forms

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