Students Taking Online Courses On Campus

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Students taking online courses are not engaged in their academic life. These students are not taking advantage of their education while on campus. By being on campus, there is the opportunity to be connected with their faculty members. From my own experience, interacting with my professors promotes the concept of learning with purpose through the process of socializing, mentoring, and networking. Socializing with professors provides students with different sets of skills. As a student, I realize, talking to my professors is different than talking to fellow students. Students have to take the initiative to contacting with professors, and getting mutual respect does not work with a one-time visit and it needs to be constant. Making appointments taught me professional emailing, and time management by setting a time where we are both free to meet. Having a conversation with professor helped become better at talking at a professional level. What makes socializing with professors interesting is getting know them as an individual. Such as teacher to teacher interaction can be a learning experience such as learning that you are never too old to express yourself. By observing the books they have on the shelves, posters they hang in front and inside their office, to even the way organize their work. It’s practically a summary of their academic achievement, likes and dislikes, and motivations. By understanding different professors, it becomes less intimidating and easier to ask for

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