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1. What type of microscope would be used in the laboratory to observe very small objects or organisms on a slide? Please give reasoning behind the answer. Which microscope would be useful when studying the internal structure of a minute specimen? (2 points)

An Electron microscope, because they have high levels of magnification and because they can magnify the tiny details of the specimen with great clarity

2. List two jobs where microscopes are used. Describe in what capacity. (2 points)

Biologists and Health Care Professionals use them to study cells and groups of cells which give them more in site on how cell groups are arranged and the form of larger cells

3. Why is special paper used to clean the lenses of a
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What is the total magnification when using a compound light microscope with an objective lens of 10X and an ocular lens of 4X? Show the calculation used to derive the answer. (2 points)

Objective Lens: 10X
Ocular Lens: x 4X
= 40X

9. Why are coverslips used to observe specimens under the microscope? (1 point)

It flattens the specimen so that it is easier to view under the microscope.

10. Letter "e" exercise: A. Describe what happens to a letter "e" when placed under the microscope. How does this compare to its appearance in the newspaper? (2 points)

The letter “e” appears to be upside down under the microscope and its boundary lines are bumpy and curvy rather than smooth and straight like in the newspaper.

B. If the slide is moved to the right with the mechanical stage, what direction does the specimen move while observing it under the microscope? (1 point)

The specimen will move to the left while observing it under the microscope. 11. Colored threads exercise: A. Under what total magnification was the sequence of colors most clearly seen? Propose a reason why this might be. (2 points)

40X: It has enough resolving power to clearly distinguish the threads as separate objects and enough contrast to see the sequence of the colors. 12. What differences did the student observe in the various tissues/organelles of the stained, prepared slides? (2

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