Success And Advancement : An Engine And The Foundation Of A Foundation

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Education undoubtedly, remains an engine and the foundation of almost each aspect of development (URoT, 1995), without which human success and advancement may perhaps suffer from the predicament. Success and advancement increase when individuals collaborate with others to utilize their knowledge and assets for advancement. In Tanzania, for stance, the concept of collaboration has roots since 1967, during the Arusha declaration, when education correlated with the “Self Reliance” (Nyerere, 1967 & Wedgwood, 2005 p. 4). Thus, the government promoted the undeniable idea of collaboration to improve the lives of people in villages. Subsequently, through the Universal Primary Education (UPE), envisioned (1) to eliminate poverty (2) combine education and practice to enhance self-reliance (3) reform education curriculum to meet the needs (4) provide free education for all children at all levels. In Addition, UPE intended to invest in people and help manage their lives, foster community inclusion in development, and reconstruct a fresh Tanzania after independence (Nyerere, 1967). Community involvement through multidisciplinary levels is a sprouting concept in the health care, for example, for improving health care services. Practitioners value community inclusion, as the right for “democratic” cultures. For that purpose, they collaborate with the community in decision making regarding health related concerns (Lasker & Weiss, 2003 p. 14). The health care practitioners work hard for

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