Essay On Foundation For Success

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FOUNDATION FOR SUCCESS My first 100 days is critical in laying a strong foundation for sustained long-term success. I plan to follow a defined, agreed framework to make my transition into the company a success for everyone involved. • As a new employer to the company, I will start from ground zero irrespective of my earlier credentials. I need to build trust and credibility, and become part of the team. • Different situations offer different problems and opportunities. I will need to understand and analyse the situation and strategise accordingly. • The staff will be nervous but looking forward to my impact. I need to be cultural sensitive, but prioritise, take some ownership and start securing some early wins. • It is on me to …show more content…

Establish the short term and long term goals aligned to strategy. Run as a project if suitable i.e. develop schedule, budget, resource plan, etc. Identify some early wins. Implementation: Move out on A-item priorities, including communication of these objectives and goals, and priorities; Consolidation: Implementation and review of A-item priorities. • Build relationships; • Establish trust; • Build my team. • Establish an appropriate business rhythm with CEO, Board, Managers, Staff, Suppliers & Customers. • Growth • Profitability • Performance • Competitive Advantage BUSINESS GROWTH & PROFITABILITY • To compete with the Amazons of this world, we need to establish an an operating framework that has the sales team focused on the best opportunities. • Back end operations need to have efficient and effective processes in place that are best practice • Company needs to be renown for its quality, performance and excellence. Growth Targets: • Put in place a more Scientific Approach to identify best opportunities for new business. v Establish criteria, weighting’s, metrics to identify top 30% of opportunities to focus sales effort. Operations: • Establish a framework and processes to improve sales team productivity. • Alignment of the business into this framework v Sales force planning – Go to market plan i.e. wholesale verses direct, growth planning, goal setting, market

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