Success In College Students

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The greatest thing that college students can learn is the idea of success and what that can mean for a person. In Bernard Roth’s novel “The Achievement Habit, stop wishing, start doing and take control of your life” explains how such a word can be described in many different ways for one person. Success can be defined by time management, having a positive mindset, and having a purpose. Many times, through Roth’s book he explains the many different decisions and ways you should start to change in your life to make you a better person. College students need to learn the real definition of success and how it can impact the views they might have towards furthering their education for the better. I have struggled to maintain success in my college career for example I never have time I fail and can’t seem to get out of my own head but after Reading Roth’s book I guarantee it will give real definition of success will finally make students understand how success is defined. Through the rigorous definitions of these describing words Roth finally shows the definition and is defined in these words time management, having a positive mindset, and having a purpose. Time management is one of the three most important traits to have success in college, it helps to map out your schedule, prepare you for exams, and can be beneficial for your stress level. Roth has a great example of how he misused time management to match his schedule. He talked about having a meeting an hour away in Berkley
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