Successful Teamwork Is Built On A Foundation Of Trust

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According to Measom, C. (2014), “Successful teamwork is built on a foundation of trust.” Each member of the team must establish trust; cultivate trust through his actions and words, and work to maintain it. Each member also needs to be able to trust his team members to make a commitment to the team and its goals, work competently with those goals in mind, and communicate consistently about any issues that affect the team. Developing trust is difficult for any team; however it is particularly difficult for simulated teams. This is because virtual teams have limited chances to work together face-to-face. Virtual teams frequently develop when working on big projects. When teams cross diverse cultures, it could lead to confusion. This often happens quite often with virtual teams. Virtual rarely get the chance to interact with each other which cause lack of trust within the group setting. In order to build trust within the group, each member needs to be committed and competent. Commitment Commitment is a key feature of trust. It is important that each team member commit to assisting each other in order to reach the team goals. For instance, when one of the members needs to be away for a lengthy amount of time, that member should commit to completing the assigned tasks while at home. It is vital that each team member feel that they can count on everyone doing their part. There also should be consequences for any member that does not complete their assignments. Competence As with

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