Sugar and Its Effect on Our Bodies

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Many foods and drinks around the world are laced with sugar and the sugar levels are indicated. Sugar is added to not only sweeten things, but to also improve the texture. Sugar is to some extent used as a preservative as well, for example, when added to cut up fresh berries, the berries remain fresher for longer than one without sugar. Processed foods are likely to have higher sugar levels than home cooked foods since adding sugar is a modest way adding volume and weight. Sugar also aids in making inferior foods pleasant. Unfortunately for consumers, sugar escalates calories while having no nutritional value to the consumer.
Effects of Sugar on our Bodies
Sugar comes in various forms and not just the white powder beet sugar we are used to. It comes in the form of corn syrup, maple syrup and honey, and affects the body negatively in equal measure. For example, excess sugar has adverse effects on metabolism and may lead to all manner of diseases. Below I will discuss the top disturbing effects of added sugar and why people should avoid or at least control their sugar intake.
 Added sugar has no nutritional value to the body and is bad for the teeth. I am sure you have heard this on numerous occasions, but it is worth reminding you. Added sugars such as fructose corn syrup and sucrose contain high amounts of calories and zero essential nutrients. For this fact, they are stereotyped as empty calories. When people consume 10-20% of calories as sugar, this causes a problem,

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