Suicide Affects All People Of All Races And Ages

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Janessa Calder
College of Central Florida
3:30 class
Word Count: 1504

Suicide affects all people of all races and ages. It can be caused by many factors that challenge us in everyday life such as: extreme fear, depression, abuse, bullying, mental disorders, family issues, school, stress, sometimes for attention (depending on the person and the situation) and can come on at random times for no reason. It’s a cause and effect type of death. The meaning of suicide is the act or intention of taking one’s life. This paper will be going into the depths of suicide, the cause and effect views, how other people view it, and the way it effects family and community alike.

Suicide effects everyone. At some point in everyone’s life suicide has crossed their mind. It effects the individuals and their families emotionally and physically. Trust can be broken and scars can be left to remind the individuals of the near death experience. It’s an extreme, desperate move to take your own life, but some people see no other way out. It’s an easy escape from their own pain or regret, “There is but one truly serious philosophical problem and that is suicide,” (Camus A. , 2008). There are many causes of suicide from bullying to financial desperation. Teenage suicides are caused by bullying, family issues, depression, abuse, stress, and other factors that can control moods and extreme desperation. Adult suicides can be caused by financial crisis, family
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