Essay on Suicide and the Predictions of Suicide

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Suicide and the Predictions of Suicide

In the first paper I read about hopelessness and eventual suicide,
four authors studied 207 hospitalized patients with suicidal ideation.
There was a follow up period of 5-10 years when these patients were
systematically checked up on to see their status. Fourteen eventually
completed suicide within the follow up period. In the study the
researchers used the Beck Depression Inventory, the Hopelessness
Scale, and the Scale of Suicidal Ideation. The only tools that
eventually predicted the suicides were the Hopelessness Scale and the
pessimism items on the Beck Depression Inventory. This study is to
prove the importance of hopelessness as an indicator of
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Their follow up period was
about four years. Eight of the suicide occurred within the first 6
months and the other thirteen within a year. Retrospective studies of
suicide have shown that suicide occurs with a diagnosis of a
psychiatric disorder like depression, schizophrenia, or alcoholism.
The authors claim that all except the prospective studies of Beck and
Motto have one problem in common and that is that they do not
recognize the difference between suicide completers and attempters.
Retrospective studies allow for researchers to see the differences
between the two groups and therefore eliminating this problem. The
limitations of these studies are that no "true" control group can be
formed and no description of the psychopathology can be made complete
like prospective studies. In this study the sample was 599 patients
with uni-polar depression, 175 with bipolar type 1 affective disorder,
92 with bipolar type 2 affective disorder, and 88 with schizoaffective
disorder. The number of completed suicides is relatively small which
can affect the significance of the findings to other populations.
There are a few problems with this study. The prospective set up
limits the number of completers available for comparison with the
surveying patients and the because they are comparing the completers
with the entire sample of…

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