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Owning a small business can be challenging, but the help of an HR attorney is beneficial if you feel overwhelmed. From hiring and firing employees to ensuring all guidelines and regulations are followed, an attorney who specializes in human resources is a great addition to your team. If you are a small business owner, consider using these tips to avoid costly errors when running your company.
Hire the Right Employees
As an owner of a small business, you will need to rely on your workers at times. Your employees will need to be motivated, disciplined, and productive, but finding qualified and experienced workers can be difficult. During the hiring process, make sure to evaluate each potential employee properly.
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Unfortunately, most business owners are not equipped to design and implement this handbook, so consulting an HR attorney is imperative for this task.
The employee handbook should include your business’ requirements for productivity, pay, sick and vacation time, insurance, retirement benefits, and attendance. It should also address the penalties for situations that involve chronic tardiness and absenteeism, sexual harassment, theft, and drug use.
Having a handbook will prevent future incidences where employees seek out legal counsel after being dismissed from employment.
Give Employees Feedback
Your business success will depend on your employees, so it is important to offer your workers constant feedback and necessary training.
If one or your employees is motivated and disciplined, but seems to struggle on a certain task, invest some time and provide them with additional training. If one or more employees are working in an efficient and effective productive manner, provide them with feedback and rewards to ensure they continue working towards your company’s success.
Most small business owners do not have the experience and skill needed to manage their employees. Thankfully, hiring a professional that specializes in human resources is beneficial. Consult an HR attorney from Simon | Paschal in the Dallas area at (972) 893-9340 to ensure your employees are capable of growing your small business.
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