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1. Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?
I would recommend this book to a friend because this book is a dystopian page turner. This book leaves you wanting to know what happens next and a bit emotional toward the end. This is the next story to read for Hunger Games, Divergent, and Delirium fans.

2. Describe an experience or emotion that you share with a character or person in the book you read. Be sure to explain in detail both the character’s and your own experience or feeling and how they are similar.
An emotion that I share with a character in the book is with Cassia when she is mournful when her grandfather dies. When my grandpa died a couple years ago I was also mournful. My grandpa and Cassia’s grandfather both …show more content…

A better one. But in reality, they’re sending them to the outer Provinces to fight… He’s going to die. It’s a death sentence back there.” Cassia’s decision turned Ky into a soldier where the possibility of him making it out of war alive was slim.

4. Double Entry Journal (DEJ): While you are reading, you will need to keep a double entry journal of no more than six entries for the book you read: two entries from the beginning, two from the middle, and two from the end of the book. This journal will have two columns:

• The left side column is the place to write important quotes, scenes, bits of dialogue, and/or character descriptions. You must include a page number on which each passage appears.
• The right side column is where you explain why you chose this particular passage and how it made you think or feel.

Book Title: Matched
Double Entry Journal
Page Number
Quote/Text Reactions, Connections, Questions

“I know what the blue and green tablets do. I don’t know anyone who knows for certain what the red tablet does. There have been rumors about it for years.” Page 22 This piece of text looks like it involves foreshadowing that the red tablet might get used in the future. I wonder how in society filled with many people no one knows what the red tablet does.

“The Officials don’t often allow deviation from the usual free- rec options, but on the eve of someone’s Final Banquet, visiting is encouraged and permitted.” Page 26 In this piece of text

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