Summary Of Angelina Napolitano's Case

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A criminal case despite its time period can shock the nation by involving controversial ideas and ideological debates. Although many people might not recall the Angelina Napolitano’s case of 1911, her case became an international sensation in the public arena bringing advocates of every form including race, motherhood and gender. However, in the eyes of the court Napolitano’s case was closed immediately with a guilty sentence to death by hanging. The authors of the case analysis not only wanted to explore the details of the crime but to highlight the profound post-trial reactions. There were many debates on the fairness of her sentence with supporters in Italian communities and women organizations around the world (Dubinsky and Iacovetta 516). The current case analysis will describe the events of the crime and the …show more content…

The Napolitano family was composed of immigrants from the southern Italy region who were living off the main breadwinner, Pietro. Angelina Napolitano never denied killing her husband due to many years of marital abuse and his request for extra income. The accused was asked to become a prostitute on multiple occasions; upon refusal was threatened for her life and removal of her children (Dubinsky and Iacovetta 505). Her case played out in two arenas the courtroom in which she was guilty of murder and sentenced to hang and in the public sphere where thousands of people came to her defense. Napolitano was judged by an all white jury, judge and lawyer, which reflected the male domination of the time period (Dubinsky and Iacovetta 5120). It is important to note that during this period a history of abuse was not admissible in court (Dubinsky and Iacovetta 514). Napolitano was found guilty with a sentence of death by hanging with the condition after her child was born (Dubinsky and Iacovetta

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