Summary Of Gender Roles In Barrio Boy

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In the novel Barrio Boy, the roles for men and women are outlined and very detailed. Men and women are expected to remain in their roles and not stray away from them. The gender roles applied to every aspect of life and even applied to dating/courting. Given the circumstances of society today, the roles of men and women are very different in 2017. In the novel girls/women are looked upon as if they are in a lower class than boys/men and they can never be equal. At the age of 5, girls are taught how to carry buckets of water on their heads and how to hold the bucket with both hands. In the novel only girls had their ears pierced and had to sit down for hours getting their hair braided. Girls/women were expected to remain in the home and doing domesticated chores such as cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, and sew clothes. Girls were given tasks such as shaking and sunning bed mats and sprinkle the street in front of their cottages. In the novel boys/men are expected to do manual labor such as work in coffee patches or banana stands picking coffee beans or cutting down weeds in the fields. When boys are under the age of 6, they are given chores such as feeding the animals, letting the animals out, running errands, gather firewood, water the burros, halter the burros, and pick coffee beans. At the age of 6, boys became an apprentice under their father and learned the role of their respective job. At the age of 14, boys were considered men and got machetes to work in the coffee

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