Summary Of Intellectual Pinching And Suffering By Annie Tindley

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There can be no doubt that Annie Tindley is an outstanding academic, her work concerning the historiography of the rural areas and populace of Scotland has been celebrated by Scottish history academics. Her article, ‘Actual pinching and suffering’: Estate Responses to Poverty in Sutherland 1845-86’ is no exception to this outstanding career. In this piece of academic literature, Dr. Tindley has written an effective piece that strikes against the academic status quo when viewing the life of rural Highland Scots in the period between the Highland Famine and the Crofters’ War. Specifically the piece analyses the economic and political woes of the Sutherland estate of the remote northwest of Scotland. She claims that popular thought …show more content…

Prominent researchers have looked into the subject of the socio-political and economic woes of the crofting community of the Highlands. One such scholar that she uses time and again in this piece is T.M Devine, who has in turn written about and studied the Highland famine it’s effects of outward migration from both the Highlands and from Scotland itself. Like Tindely, he claims that the famine started the woes of the Highlands and that the already fragile state of the populace was further exasperated by the clearances. In their combined aftermath, crofters of the 19th century were forced to seek other forms of employment, working seasonally along the estuaries of the north-east and Clyde, assisting in building projects in the Lowlands or seek employment in an industry like textile .This speaks, he claims was the result of the clearances rooming so much of the population that agrarian endeavours for fiscal gain became to argues for what little man power there was. In another piece he elaborates, informing us that in 1750 about half of the total population of Scotland lived in the northern part of the country, but by 1841 the proportion had shrunk to just 30. This was caused by …show more content…

Her primary sources inform us that for many among the lower fringes of society, life was hard before, during and after the supposed ‘golden age’ with having to deal with famine, forced removal, ineffective/hesitant aid forced the crofters and other tenants in the Sutherland estate to relocate for other means of survival. Although she does not stand alone in the study of the ill treatment of the highland populace in the 19th century, she is the only one whom wrights and analyses their treatment during the time between the famine and the Crofter’s War (roughly 1856-1882). other scholars who research a similar subject usually focus on either side of this era, ignoring this time almost completely. Tildey however analysis this period as the brewing of such malcontent against the crofter community that would spark such an event as the Crofter’s War. In this way, it would be best to rank this piece of academia as an underground success, not exact ally ground breaking but providing enough of a unique prospective to merit

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