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When Jenny came to announce that it was time for us to join everyone at the barbeque, Louis stood when I did and then came to my side. He crooked his elbow to escort me. I was still nervous and hoped he could not feel the jitters start up as soon as I took his arm. After a moment, I decided to pretend that I was holding onto my father’s arm. I hoped I would not be as nervous; however, there was no comparison. I definitely knew it was not Mon Père’s arm, I held.
When we walked out into the area where all the guests had gathered. I felt myself swell with pride when I saw the stink eyes the other debutantes gave me as we walked toward my father and his guests.
I knew two of the girls, I had stood in the receiving line at several balls with them, but the other girl, I did not recognize; she was gorgeous. I hoped she was one that Louis had not been interested in; she could give me a run for my money with her golden hair and frail beauty. I might have to change my tactics if she does catch his eye, I thought to myself as I gave her a quick once over.
I was not a simpering Southern belle- Louis had already seen that I was… What had he called me, “a spitfire,” yes, that was it. He knew my true nature was not the coy, flirtatious creature he had first seen at the Le Bal des Berceaux, which was the débutante ball I debuted. I felt like kicking myself for exposing myself to him as I had. I wished I was as cool and collected as Angelique was; she was always perfectly mannered.
She could

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