Pergamos Ethos Chapter 4

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Bevrev 2 Revelation 31 Chapter Four. The Pergamos Church
Pergamos is called Bergamo city of Mysia in Asia Minor on the river Caicus about 50 miles north proximity of Smyrna. The name means elevation or exalted. This name is befitting as this beautiful city was perched on a winding mountain along the Turkish coastline. Scofield said the church under imperial favor; started in the world A.D.316 until the end, according to the International Bible Dictionary Pergamos was the birthplace of Galen, and contained the famous temple of Esculapius the god of medicine. The god was worshiped under the form of a living serpent 21. In the salutation to Pergamos another revelation of the Godhead was set forth by his association with the sharp two edged sword, which is the word of God. Hebrews 4:12, Ephesians s6:17. Pergamos were commended for their work, but was told salvation is by grace and not work. Nevertheless, true salvation will bring forth work that is pleasing to God 1 John3:7. The evil ways of Pergamos repudiated the lives that were built upon the word. Daily they go further from the truth, their actions bore witness to the depth they had sunken. Christians in Pergamos were experiencing great persecution but they held fast to their faith and belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. They were confident that their sin was forgiven. They held fast in Jesus’ strength and they cling to the assurance of
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