Summary On Juvenile Suicides

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Lindsay M. Hayes gives us great insight on Juvenile suicides in Confinement on the Juvenile Justice Bulletin.The surgeon general of the U.S.A is a major issue here in the U.S. In the United States more teenagers die from the result of suicide then any other disease such as cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza and chronic lung disease. An national survey discovered that 3 million youth are in danger of falling victim to suicide. Thirty seven percent of surveyed youths reported to attempting suicide already within the past twelve months.

This topic as extreme and as common as it has come to be has had little research in the field. So the office of the Juvenile Justice got together with the National Center …show more content…

It gathered details about how the suicide occurred and also the place it occurred looked like. This grand survey that was conducted gathered information on the suicide presentation programs. And the following is what was found about each other programs.

The first section concerning race, sex and age. Finds interesting facts such as two thirds of suicides victims are caucasian. Another survey found that caucasian youth held in detentions centers were three point five times as likely more then african americans to commit suicide. Not to mention that hispanics and africans make up thirty nine percent of incarcerated they only mirror eleven percent and six percent of those in this study.

From these studies eighty percent of the those that fell victim to suicide were male. Now as far as concerning the ages they ranged from fifteen to seventeen years of age. The average age of suicide bottled down to fifteen point seven years old. Now as far as the arrangement before confinement. thirty eight percent of the victims were living with their parents. And a little less then twenty three of the victims were both living with both

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