Summary : ' The Night '

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Everyday goes by in high school all the same, monday to friday from 7:45-2:25. The jocs are in the gym, the cheerleaders are well cheering for them, the stoners are outside by the side of the gym doing a deal, the geeks are in the library reading and trading comic books, the nerds are in the science room talking about how much they hate the populars and how they are going take over the world one day, the couples are in the bathroom stalls, and then there is me, Teagan Powers and of course my best friends Imogen Morgan and Peyton Nelson. We all are in the groups that we hang out with we don 't interact with other groups and we don 't change groups. Some people not from our school say it’s awful how thats our school works but somehow it actually works for ASHS, Altadena Southeast High School. It still amazes me that my high school is functional but I guess by now it doesn 't surprise the things that happen and just blow away like a feather in strong winds. But even though one thing can change your life. One word from one person one time can ruin your life and only the people involved know about it and only the people staring in it get hurt by it. I never knew what it felt like it to be in a fight until freshman year of high school. So here it goes, how my life turned upside down them shattered into a million peices. It all started my first day of high school.


I woke up everyday and said that today was going to be a great day. I had never really thought

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