Summary : ' The Night '

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Prologue Jake Smith- 1100 Hours, August 7th, 2025 / Unknown U.S Military Hideout, Kabul, Afghanistan It had been two years since I unlisted in the military; after seeing 9/11 as a little boy back in New York, I felt obligated that I had to put these terrorist scums to rest. I was born and raised in a patriotic household; so that gave me a sense of encouragement to fight for the country I love. It had been almost a complete year since I saw my family last; which was exchanging gifts at Christmas. I just had to think to myself that I was here; fighting because of and for them and other American like them. "Hey, Smith; quite muttering to yourself and get some sleep while you can. We got drill first thing in the morning before being the…show more content…
He got to me and looked at me with those dark, serious eyes. They scanned me from head to toe; and then he backed up and barked "Okay marines, it is time for the drill. Follow me in single order!" He led us to an obstacle course he and the other higher ranking officers had set up the night before. It consisted of the standard tire jumping, some pull-up bars, as well as ropes, and more. Doing all these drills in the sand was difficult and he had been ramping up the difficulty of each drill slightly the past few weeks; putting us to the test to make sure we were one-hundred percent ready for combat before sending us out. Matthews gave us a quick run through of what he expected of us to do. We each had to do this eventually while he timed us. We had to get better than ten minutes to do the entire circuit to get his praise. If we didn 't we 'd be barked at and forced to do the tent 's laundry for the week. First up was Wolaski; he was one of these fit ready for combat marines and you could see that when he flew through the circuit in six minutes sharp. By the end of it he was pretty out of breath so I knew when it would come to me that I 'd be in worse shape. I was a decent build and I did decent on circuits prior to this one so I knew I had to impress. That way I could move on to combat training and then to the actual battle itself. As I made my way to the start I could feel time to slow down a little and hear the sound
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