Summary : ' The Night '

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Prologue Jake Smith- 1100 Hours, August 7th, 2025 / Unknown U.S Military Hideout, Kabul, Afghanistan It had been two years since I unlisted in the military; after seeing 9/11 as a little boy back in New York, I felt obligated that I had to put these terrorist scums to rest. I was born and raised in a patriotic household; so that gave me a sense of encouragement to fight for the country I love. It had been almost a complete year since I saw my family last; which was exchanging gifts at Christmas. I just had to think to myself that I was here; fighting because of and for them and other American like them. "Hey, Smith; quite muttering to yourself and get some sleep while you can. We got drill first thing in the morning before being the lookouts for the group for a few hours." Sgt. Wolaski whispered. I realized he was right and put my head down on the rock hard pillow on the cot. It was nowhere near comfortable but it was better than nothing. Jake Smith- 0500 Hours, August 8th, 2025 / Unknown U.S Military Hideout, Kabul, Afghanistan "Marines! Up and at 'em" yelled Col. Matthews. Followed by a loud blow of a whistle. This startled most of us but we were getting used to it. After all most of us had been here for at least a couple of months. I put on my uniform, pants and my sand-colored camo cap. We stepped outside of our tents; the air still dry and crisp. We all formed a line as the Colonel inspected us; making sure none of us were unprepared for the early morning drill

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