Supply Chain - Amazon Case Study

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Presented to Dr.Ahmed Sobhy Prepared By: Tamer Ahmed Ragab - Merhan Salah Sherin Lowandi - Salma Saad 1 • 1995: debuts on the Web. • 1997: The company goes public to becomes the first Internet retailer to secure one million customers. • 1998: enters the online music and video business; companies are acquired in the United Kingdom and Germany. • 1999: The firm expands into selling toys, electronics, tools, and hardware; Bezos is named Time Magazine 's "Person of the Year." • 2001: reports its first net profit during the fourth quarter. Head Quarter 2 Amazon Start In 1995, sold its first book, which shipped from Jeff Bezos ' garage in Seattle. By Now sells a…show more content…
Amazon takes a small commission for acting as a middleman. 11 - Advantage of selling books via internet vs. traditional bookstore Huge choice of items, product range and variety – online catalogue. The Possibility of Selling e-books which becoming more desired. Topic areas to browse, as well as lists of bestsellers, award winners, and titles that were recently featured in the media. Reviews and guides written by users who purchased the products you 're looking at. 12 - Advantage of selling books via Amazon knows you by name and tries to be your personal shopper. If you 've been to before, you 'll also find some recommendations just for you. offered a recommendation center. There a customer could find books based on his or her mood, reading habits, or preferences also based on records of books the customer had purchased in the past. 13 - Advantage of selling books via Cont’ Generally, A continuos innovative ways & services for enhancing the way & experience of each user in Interacting. 14 - Disadvantages of selling via internet vs. traditional bookstore . Disadvantage can be relative in some aspects for some Customers Like: Lack of Physical view & test for the Product. Wait for Delivery, after order processing & shipping Cycle comparing to direct buying in traditional bookstore. The involvement of Online payments & security issues. 15 - What Advantage can Brick-and-Mortar players
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