Supply Chain Management And Malaysian Palm Oil Industry

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This Piece of Essay will show in depth that what is meant by “Sustainable Supply Chain Management” and its relation to Malaysian Palm Oil industry. The use of Supply chain management in Malaysian palm oil industry and diverse areas will be discussed. Further discussing what businesses and managers should consider utilising Malaysian palm oil like the challenges and downstream issues. This will be linked with different perspective like diverse workforce, issues of social responsibility and challenges of leadership. Then further discussing ethical responsibilities of consumers of palm oil industries.

“Sustainable Supply Chain Management and Malaysian palm oil industry”
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The manufacturer (whether he is a manufacturer of a product or a provider of any service) keeps these people in mind while producing his commodity so that these people are satisfied by the product which is being sold to them. Their satisfaction is known as consumer satisfaction and if they are satisfied then profits for the firm become quite inevitable (Lambert, 2005). The rationale behind this is very simple as your consumer becomes more satisfied, he will become more loyal to your product and will prefer to purchase your product only and the priority over other competitors will be set on your product. SCM is a dynamic concept, it doesn’t necessarily move in the same direction. It can be upstream and it can be downstream as well. Supply chains are not supposed to be considered linear every time (Garcıa-Dastugue, 2003). Upstream chains talk about those links which are coming into the organization and it could be in the form of raw materials or any sort of necessary information that is produced by the firm and then going outside (Simatupang, 2005). On the contrary, it can be downstream where finished goods are taken out of the organization. Downstream chains are those links through which the information or the product is taken out of the organization and it will be provided to its stakeholders (Halldorsson, 2007). The beauty of this concept can only be seen if the link is two-way. By a two-way link what we mean is that if some sort of information is transmitted

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